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World Equals Optical Illusion

The world that you live in is a complete illusion. You do not live in a physical or material reality. Far from it. You exist as pure electrical, vibrational, energetic, and constantly attenuating frequencies. The human brain is responsible for tricking you into believing that you are as solid as a rock body, blood, bone, and breath in physical form. For many, this is impossible to grasp and even more difficult to believe. What we call reality comes into form when waveforms collapse into 4th-dimensional frequencies that can be interpreted by the five senses. We know this to be true, and yet just how all of this works still remains a complete mystery. To realize this very complex phenomenon, one must be able to stretch the imagination to the fullest extent possible. Even human language is just noise until the filters in the brain pick up these incoming signals and run them through the proper channels, so they make sense, and even then things can get really confusing.

Without the human brain, life would be meaningless and in theory, nothing would exist. Many have pondered the question do we have a purpose in this space-time illusion, and I say no we do not, except that of our imagination and our never-ending quest to have meaning. We have now found the equations that indicate that we are in a simulation. Just ones and zeros in a vast and endless, complex, eternal space we call the multiverse. Humans are very destructive creatures. We have this intense urge to take over and dominate all things within our reach. Hundreds of thousands of civilizations have come and gone over time, and we are just but one little speck of sand in this complex dance. We have the ability to create Heaven on earth at our fingertips, but we choose to destroy everything we come in contact with, including all nature.

This insatiable need of the rich and powerful to enslave and oppress all of humanity is driven by the need for complete control over land, sea, sky, and space. I can personally grasp how this could be a thing that they would really get off on and if given the chance might find myself going along with this master depopulation plan. I know that many of you would fall into the money trap if given the chance to acquire billions of dollars and wealth beyond the imagination. We have to admit that we are all very susceptible to these kinds of temptations, but most are. Religion has ruined the world and enslaved the minds of the people. Organized religion is and has been the most destructive force in all history,

If truth be told, we are completely clueless as to how we exist, why we exist, where we exist, or when we came into existence. The question could be asked if we exist at all, given the fact that our brains keep most folks enslaved into believing in this fiction we call physical and material reality. For me, it is so refreshing to say I do not know anything, but I do have some ideas and concepts as to what might be going on here. We are born into bull shit, and we grow up learning bull shit and most die believing bull shit, and this is a shame. The majority of the world's population is forever trapped in the lower animal brain and will never escape. This animal brain mentality is responsible for our self-destructive behaviors and divisions that create wars and destroy so many innocent lives.

Come out from the darkness, my friends, and free yourself from the fiction that has enslaved you. Open your eyes and ears and listen to my words, and expand your capacity for learning new ways to envision your place and form in this elusive space-time continuum. Come out of your deep sleep and seek wisdom and knowledge that is beyond this limited space-time illusion. Seek to find your inner self that is eternal and indestructible and ever-changing. Use every moment of your time to grow and learn and study and introspect and ponder this massive mystery we call life. Learn to quiet the mind and halt the knee-jerk thinking that will slow down your progress and impede you on your new path to true enlightenment. We have proven that our collective power is useless as a change maker.

Our only hope is to realize our own personal power and be a shining light to others who are trapped and enslaved by this fictional illusion. Learn to go with the flow of this deep, dark, and dangerous river. Learn to overcome your fear of the unknown. Death, destruction, violence, pain, and sorrow will always be with us, It is just who we are and what we are. Perfect peace is not possible in this realm that we are in. Gaining the personal power to get through these storms is possible when you open your eyes and see. Learn to take the good with the bad, and learn to power through the pain, depression, stress, and sorrow. As you walk this new path, you will learn to bring these alternate frequencies into balance. You will gain the ability to overcome fear and set an example for others, and this will give power to the collective mind and allow us to realize true love, compassion, discernment, intuitiveness, and community.

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