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About Our Team

At Alternative Public Radio International, we are more than just a media platform; we are a movement. Driven by the belief that every voice deserves to be heard, we bring together a team of passionate individuals who are not only experts in their fields but also advocates for change. Our lineup of hosts and executives, including Kiler Davenport, E. Lee Sullivan, and Marion Pound, embody the spirit of diversity, expertise, and activism that is central to our mission.

Kiler Davenport: The Visionary Voice

Kiler Davenport, a senior executive producer at Alternative Public Radio International, is the dynamic force behind Lone Wolf Radio on Blog Talk Radio. Known as The Lone Wolf, Kiler brings an unparalleled depth of experience and a unique perspective to the airwaves. His keen eye for spotting pivotal stories and trends before they reach mainstream awareness is second to none. Kiler’s insightful and provocative commentary challenges the status quo, encouraging listeners to think critically about the world around them. Tune into Lone Wolf Radio, airing Monday through Friday from 6 pm to 8 pm Pacific Time, and let Kiler Davenport guide you through the complexities of today’s global landscape.

E. Lee Sullivan: The Activist’s Amplifier

E. Lee Sullivan stands at the forefront of community and internet activism at Alternative Public Radio International. As a celebrated advocate for social justice, Sullivan leverages her platform to shed light on issues impacting marginalized communities. Her fearless approach to speaking truth to power and challenging mainstream narratives has established her as a formidable voice in activism. Sullivan's commitment to raising awareness and prompting action on social and political issues makes her an invaluable member of our team. Through her work, E. Lee Sullivan not only empowers our listeners but also inspires a wave of change in communities far and wide.

Marion Pound: The Multifaceted Maestro

Marion Pound, with her diverse range of expertise and roles, is nothing short of extraordinary. As the Senior Executive Producer for Live On Air Podcast, Marion orchestrates the seamless production and management of real-time broadcasts. Her role as President and Executive Director of Destinie Global Communications Network highlights her leadership in guiding the strategic direction of the organization. Marion's extensive experience in caregiving speaks to her compassionate nature, while her position as the Strategic Command Coordinator for the Northwest Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Disaster Team underscores her adeptness in high-pressure decision-making. Furthermore, Marion’s prowess in marketing and public relations showcases her ability to captivate and engage audiences across various platforms. Marion Pound embodies the essence of dedication, compassion, and strategic insight, making her an indispensable pillar of our team.

At Alternative Public Radio International, our team’s collective vision and individual expertise pave the way for a richer, more informed public discourse. Kiler Davenport, E. Lee Sullivan, and Marion Pound are at the heart of this mission, each contributing their unique strengths to amplify voices, inform the uninformed, and empower our listeners. Join us in our journey to challenge the status quo and inspire critical thinking for a more just and equitable world.

Join Us in Amplifying Change: Your Voice Matters

At Alternative Public Radio International, we're more than a team; we're a community united in the mission to amplify underrepresented voices and spark meaningful change. If you're passionate about making a difference, challenging the status quo, and engaging in critical thought, we want you with us. Whether you're an activist, a storyteller, or someone with a unique perspective to share, there's a place for you here. Together, we can broaden the horizons of public discourse, inspire action, and empower communities around the globe. Don't just stand on the sidelines—be a part of the movement. Reach out today and join us in shaping a more informed, just, and equitable world. Your voice is powerful; let it be heard.

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