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Brainwashed Brigade by Kiler Davenport

The mind control technology has gone so far over the top that it is unbelievable. The zombie Apocalypse is in full swing, and it is getting worse by the minute. The walking dead are everywhere, and they are dragging these little brain-dead children around with them. I never thought it would get this bad, but here it is happening right before my eyes. These mindless zombies are multiplying like rats in the sewer. They look at you with this silly, glazed daze in their eyes and act as if you're not even there. I know they must be shedding, so I keep my distance and hope that they do not start reaching out to grab me and start trying to eat my flesh.

Keep these folks away from your kids because this shit is catching, and it is very dangerous. I talk to all of these idiots who are bragging about getting three jabs and the booster. WTF. These clueless morons really believe in this pandemic, and they are still putting on the face diaper. Millions of folks all over the world are dropping dead from this jab, and millions more will follow. The facts are in and all the research has been done, and we have proved that this is a killer jab and folks simply do not want to know the truth. Many of them are going back for another jab. Can we say this is a form of insanity and delusional thinking?

Can we ask the hard question, why do these folks not read the data and research that has come in from all over the world, are these folks too far gone to be able to reach them and teach them that this was a huge mistake? These are the ones who worship the mainstream media and still believe that God is coming to save the world. These are the ones that are so brainwashed that they will never listen to reason or even look at the current data. These are the clueless sheep being taken to the slaughterhouse while they sing and dance all the way, thinking that they are going to a place of safety and security.

These are the idiots that will accept the digital passport without question and the social credit scoring system. These are the ones you really have to watch because they are watching you and will turn you in for the slightest mistake or slander against the current government narrative.

Millions and millions have chosen this dangerous path and many are now sorry for what they have done because it cannot be reversed. These clueless brain-dead sheep are now part of the machine, they have given themselves to the Borg willingly. They will do almost anything the government tells them to do because the government is here to save us. The worst is yet to come, my friends, Hell is being unleashed as I type, and it is coming.

It is coming hard and fast, and very few of us will escape with our lives. The secret is to never consent, do not give in to the pressure. Do not cave, be brave and fight to the death.

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