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Have We Outgrown God by Kiler Davenport

Have we outgrown god, have we grown too big for our britches.

Do we just use him now for a crutch, a hiding place for when we get scared?

Most have created god in their own image, like a genie in a bottle.

God is more than a book, a dogma, a religion, a church, an outreach, or feelings.

God is the ultimate quest, the source, the alpha and omega, our only hope.

Even those who do not believe still wonder, they long for answers.

Eternity is an everlasting thought that never dies in the mind of mortal man.

It lingers like terminal cancer in the feeble minds of the people, we beg to know.

As I stand in Haiti I cry out where are you, God, as I roam the flats of Sudan, Stepping over half-dead children vultures waiting in the background I ask why.

Watching all our little hospice patients wither away to nothing begging to die, I asked what kind of cruel and inhumane project is this, an experiment maybe.

The older I get the more questions I have and the less I know or want to know.

So many of us are locked in little silly boxes, like kids playing with toys.

God why do you need us, are you lonely, sad, confused, bewildered, a myth.

The almighty minds of the times talk about first cause, singularity, hyper-dimension.

They probe the human brain like little monkeys picking bugs off one another.

We send probes to the outer reaches of the universe while millions die starving.

We send bombs in every direction to dominate and destroy ( one nation under God ).

We rob those around the world of their culture, liberty, customs, dignity, and beliefs.

We suck off the criminally insane mainstream news as if our lives depended on it.

We are addicted to the poisons toxins and chemicals of corporate America.

Our people and children shot full of big Pharma, doped with propaganda.

We are slaves to the lie of the global new world order, we feed this dragon daily.

A nation of zombies, lambs on our way to the kill floor, destined for destruction.

I say one nation under what, working for who, believing in what, and why.

People asked me all the time, just what is the new world order, when will it come.

It is a process, a progression, an evolution, it is free will, free choice at its worst.

Believe in what you will, do what you can to reach beyond what is possible.

Live out in the darkness, get out of your comfort zone, people are well don't you.

Live where it hurts, where it is hard, painful, sad, suffering, hungry, anguish, fear.

Love is no good in the comfort zone, she was made for battle, to overcome.

Go into your corner and pray, asking that your eyes are opened to this truth.

You asked me how will I know when I have found love and I say when you are ready.

Go now and ponder these things, devote your life to this quest, this journey.

Love is not a new-age game, nor is it a fad to be played with, it is age-old and hot.

Its power grows with the ability to realize it, focusing it requires maturity.

It will never be contained in groups or circles, it must be free, it must breathe.

real love is strong and offensive, it brings out the worst in people, it digs deep.

It will not be used to win friends and influence people, it is a knife that cuts.

Love is ready to come out against this new world order, it is poised to strike.

Many who have been drowning in the self will die when she raises her head.

The clock is ticking, the watchers watch, you will not escape her wrath and fury.

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