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Imagined State of Illusion by Kiler Davenport

We are living in an imagined state of illusion, where nothing is as it appears to be. However, the lower brain keeps folks in a stupid state of mind. The human brain is very complex and incomprehensible, and we know very little about how it works or why it works the way it does, what we do know is that we are living and existing in a massive sea of energy, everything in the universe is pure energy. In order for us to experience what we call reality, we must first be able to construct reality or create the illusion of reality.

We think things into being. The brain is somehow able to receive signals or information from the external environment and convert those signals into something meaningful to us as humans. The brain is not the mind and the thought is not the self. It is all one event or one episode. One drop of water contains all the information in the universe. Energy powers the illusion that we are somehow physical or material beings, and this is not so.

The matrix is an eternal, massive, vast space full of potential. The brain magically converts this potential into meaning that each human can comprehend and interact with, and it allows each of us to be able to communicate with others around us. The meaning we place on reality is subjective foolishness. Our method of language or communication would almost certainly not be understood by entities from another space and time.

As a matter of fact, when we talk all we are doing is making strange noises, but the brain and its processing capabilities have developed to make sense of this noise and allow us to develop culture and evolve in this complex matrix in a way that makes sense only to us as humans. Thousands of languages have come and gone over these thousands and millions of years, and the meaning they held is still part of our DNA,

We exist in this magical delusion of person places and things, and we have learned to adapt to this and build upon this concept that the brain has adapted to. Everything in the known universe has its own unique way of communicating. If you listen closely you can hear nature communicating and animals and the wind and sky and air and sea. Seeing, hearing, smelling touching feeling and tasting are all very special processing capabilities of the brain.

None of these senses exist in and of themselves. It is the human brain that brings these illusions into being and allows us as humans to use these magical abilities to navigate this incomprehensible matrix. If not for the processing unit in the brain, we would be nothing but empty-headed zombies. Each human is unique in the fact that we all have our own way of seeing the world based on our experience, programming, and indoctrination.

Elevating yourself to a higher state of awareness brings harmony, peace, and tranquility. Becoming more aware of how the brain works even at the most basic level will help you to live a more harmonious life and have a better state of health and well-being. The majority of humans will never grow or expand their ability to grasp these teachings. They will die having never really experienced a full and powerful life.

Open your mind, expand your imagination. Escape from the little box you have been living in.

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