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Pure Thought Without Intention by Kiler Davenport

Pure thought without intention

I cease to define the beginning, ending, present

All one and the same

The I AM is the all, the all the I AM

Reaching for nothing, striving for nothing

Nothing to go into, nothing to go away from

The inside of the inside where darkness is light

And light is void

Slowly melting away into the deep dark abyss

I become one with all things

My body shattered into a million pieces

Dancing with the immortals

Laughing with the gods

Conjoined, interwoven, complete

Looking back I can see the I all bound up

This road, that road, this place, that place

them, us, over there, over here

Why did I not come to this place sooner

It was within my grasp

I had to let go of the free will

The idea of choice

These things limit the unlimited

This blinding and the binding thing we call self

Is nothing but an illusion

A trick of the senses

A vain imagining

We did not come from or out of

We will not go to this place or that

We are simply the I AM

Each and every one of us is one and the same

One must let go of the concept of time

Turn away from symbols, perceptions, concepts, ideas, emotions

One must become all of those things at once

Devour the senses

Overcome the need to invent, to conquer, to consume, develop,

design, and divulge

Take them all at your leisure

They are the simple tricks of this trade we call life, existence, consciousness,

and reality

You have passed this way throughout eternity

And you will again

Go and be at peace

Do not ask the gods to reveal themselves

Do not tempt the masters

They cannot and will not submit to discovery

Go and just be

Remember it is what it is

The I AM

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