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What is Your Essence? by Kiler Davenport

Strip off this mask of the self and look at the real you. Have you ever really looked this hard for who you think yourself to be. Come away from this poison that has enslaved you. You who are without wisdom put on the false face and pretend to be so special. You are getting ready at this very moment to put on the face for the family and outshine them all.

All dressed up and look so pretty like a shiny new penny you can’t wait to circulate. But you see this is all a lie and a fraud. What is your essence? Who are you really? Do you even know this person?

There are so many ways to cover up and hide. So many ways to fool those around you.

Come out of this and experience yourself whole and raw and dirty flesh. Learn to look at others as such. You will never be of real help and healing to anyone if you will not be true to yourself.

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